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At Qilu Pharmaceutical we have a broad portfolio of over 70 generic drugs for the treatment of a wide variety of pathologies in the areas of oncology, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and central nervous system illnesses, among others.

Quality controls are extremely rigorous and our manufacturing plants have successfully passed the audits of the Regulatory Agencies.

Our products are supplied to over 50 countries, from eight manufacturing plants, where the latest technologies are used for the manufacture of different pharmaceutical forms such as injectables, oral solid forms, drops, ointments and sprays.

Information about our generic medicines

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Frequently asked questions about generic medicines

What are generic drugs?

Generic drugs are drugs that contain the same active ingredients and in the same amount as the original branded drugs and are marketed once patents have expired.

They must have the same pharmaceutical form and demonstrate bioequivalence with the reference medicine through bioavailability studies.

What advantages does a generic drug have?

They have had extended use in clinical practice, because they have been marketed for at least 10 years, and they have a lower price that benefits both patients and public health systems.

Why are generic products cheaper than the original brand?

Generic drugs are cheaper than the original brand as they do not need to recreate preclinical and clinical trials and this directly affects their price.

How effective and safe is a generic drug?

The same as the reference medicine. They must fulfill all the quality, safety and effectiveness requirements and apply the relevant post-commercialization controls.

Are brand-name drugs and generic drugs interchangeable?

Yes, generics are interchangeable with original drugs and, to be authorized, must demonstrate therapeutic bioequivalence with the original brand name drug through bioavailability studies.

What is bioavailability?

It is the amount of which and the speed at which an active ingredient of a drug is absorbed and becomes available at the site of action.

Does the generic drug look different from the original medicine?

It may appear different in color, size… although it must always have the same qualitative and quantitative composition of active ingredients and the same pharmaceutical form, ie. tablets, capsules, ointments… and the same route of administration ( oral, injectable… ).

Is the same required of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture generic drugs as of those that manufacture the original drugs?

Yes, there is a regulation that establishes the requirements to become authorized as a manufacturing company and for obtaining authorization to commercialize (with the respective obligations), and there is no difference between them.

Are the same quality requirements demanded of generic manufacturers as of those which produce original medicines?

Yes, there is a specific regulation for pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of active ingredients for pharmaceutical use and foreign trade of medicines.